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Are there any restrictions on the types of readings that can be used? 

  • No.

Can a friend or family member conduct our Wedding? 

  • Yes.  Anyone can conduct a wedding, but a licensed Officiant with the government must be present. The Officiant will have to review the ceremony if it is not one of their own. The Officiant is the only one allowed to sign the license. Done in private or before your family and friends. 

Can we use contemporary readings or are we required to use religious or scripture readings? 

  • You can use both.

Are there any restrictions on the type of music that can be played? 

  • No

Can we use contemporary songs? 

  • Yes

Is the wedding date we've chosen available? 

  • Please call us to discuss.

How much is the Officiant's fee? 

  • Please review the information for your chosen ceremony package.

What if we need to cancel our ceremony? 

  • Please view our cancellation policy here